Advocacy & Representation

The Guild is about representing the views of members, as Police Leaders, to the Police Executive. As a member, you see yourself as a leader and a leaders needs are different from those of the majority of police members.You are part of a small group and your voice can easily be lost. The benefits of Guild membership are unique and significant to managers and leaders in the Police.

The Guild provides you with a service that promotes your professional development, looks after your interests as a Police Leader, and advocates for you in a way that is more personalised and done in a non-confrontational manner. It provides you with dedicated professional service in keeping with your Leadership role and aspirations.

As a group of managers, the Guild monitors the employment needs of all employees in Police, ensuring that the needs of leaders and managers do not get “buried” in the considerations for the wider Police employee group. It has a membership that can not only competently understand policy and corporate knowledge, but also understand what strategy is and the impacts not just in Police, but across the public sector/New Zealand and internationally.

The Guild provides individual and collective service to its members. It listens to member’s issues and promotes their discussion and potential solutions. The services available can be activated through a Delegate, a member of Management or the Executive Officer

The President, the Vice-President, Executive and District Delegates for your area are available at any time to discuss issues and provide support. As an alternative, you can communicate with the Executive Officer, who works closely with the Management team.

Leadership Development

Not only does the New Police Leaders Guild work with the Guild Trust to deliver to community projects, but it also supports Guild members and their families through contributing funding towards various forms of study, education, research, or training, which will be of benefit directly or indirectly to the community. The Guild development policy outlines the criteria for applications. All funding requests should be on the application form

The New Zealand Police Leaders Guild reimburses up to 50 percent of fees, up to $1500 a year, (maximum of 3 years). Members also have access to fully paid mentoring and leadership programs with the Institute of Managers and Leadership as well as funding through the Rob Davidson Scholarship.

We also actively support the Women’s Advisory Network (WAN). Our recent name change to the New Zealand Police Leaders Guild also reflects the changing face of leadership in the Police. Leadership isn’t defined by rank or uniform but the desire to contribute to the organization’s goals and ultimately a safe New Zealand.

Diversity of Leadership and a commitment to developing the best from people is the key to success for any organisation.  In 2023 the Police Leader’s Guild and  Police Managers’  Guild Trust combined to provide silver sponsor ship of the International Women in Policing Conference  held in Auckland.

check out our strategic plan here

Building Community Resilience and Leadership

Did you know that when you become a member of the New Zealand Police Leaders Guild you automatically become a member of the Police Managers Guild Trust?

The Trust Deed was established in November 1996 with 2 of the original members’ Judge Dame Augusta Wallace and Sir John Walker, both great New Zealand Identities. Since its inception, the Trust has contributed more than $3,500,000 to families, youth, community projects, and organizations across the nation. This Trust, associated with the Guild but run independently, was established in response to an identified need for financial assistance to the many community groups that work closely with Police, most of which struggle for funding to provide assistance to their communities.

One of the things the Trust does is fund and provide booklets on crime prevention-related topics free of charge to homes through New Zealand. These are available on the trust website The Trust also provides grants to community organisations . The criteria for consideration of applications is wide. The trust usually considers applications 2-3 times a year.

Check out the Guild trust site to see the latest contributions and access the community crime prevention information. click here..