History of the Guild

Leadership, Skills, Values & Knowledge.

In 1936 Government and Police supported the formation of the Police Association with a condition that only employees below commissioned rank could be members. It was believed this condition was necessary because of anxieties that to include commissioned officers could lead to a collapse of discipline or a conflict of role.

The Birth of the Guild came about when in 1955 a group of commissioned officers took their concerns about the Commissioner of Police to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister advised that he could not hear their concerns and suggested that to promote welfare and efficiencies within Police they should look at forming a Guild. This advice was followed and on 1 June 1955 the Guild was formed and Incorporated.

The name New Zealand Police Managers’ Guild came into being in 1994 as a result of the 30th Annual Conference determining that as a result of senior non-sworn members joining the Guild, there should be a change in direction by the Guild from the representation of commissioned officer to managers in the police of any rank or designation, constabulary and employee.

Over the years there have been attempts to join the Guild and the Association through a merger or through some form of federation. None of these has been successful mainly through concerns by association members about “senior men in the association damping down the juniors who would be unwilling to speak against those who controlled their livelihoods”. On the Guild side, there was still concerns of a conflict of interest and a belief that the role of leaders, while no more important than others carried responsibilities that required a different way of communicating.

While such concerns are well in the past there is still some reluctance from both the Guild and the Association to a joining of the two organizations. In 1994 the Association changed its rules to allow associate membership to commissioned officers. This was later changed to allow commissioned officers full membership.

Under the leadership of Commissioner Mike Bush, police transitioned to a prevention first based model of policing. This led not only to a more dynamic and community-focused ethos but also redefined the role of leadership and management in Police. During this time the Guild reevaluated its role, membership, and relationship with the Police Executive to ensure it was aligned with and relevant to the modernization taking place. In 2019 the Guild changed its name to The New Zealand Police Leaders’ Guild to better reflect these changes, its role in them, and to acknowledge the changing face of leadership in Police.

With the appointment to the new role, Deputy Commissioner, Leadership and Capability, a clear signal has been sent by the current Police Executive of the importance of Leadership going forward.

The current guild strategic plan, reflected in the one pager sumary, supports not only the changing and dynamic new role of leadership in police, but also the critical role that diversity of leadership has going forward.

Life Members

Life Members as at 20 May 2023

ABBOTT MNZM Robert Kenneth

President: 2005 to 2008
Vice President: 2001 to 2005
Trustee Police Managers’ Guild Trust: 1996 to 2004
Chairman Police Managers’ Guild Trust: 2001 to 2004
Elected a Life Member: 2008

HUNTER Lindsay John

Wellington-based Delegate for
Nelson and Wellington: 1983-1989
Vice President: 1989-1998
Elected Life Member: 1997 – Died Nelson 2018

ALLO David George Alfred

Treasurer: 1992 to 2005
Treasurer of the Police Managers’ Guild Trust: 1995 to 2008
Elected Life Member: 2005

LINDSAY Robert Bruce

Vice President: 2008
President: 2009 to 2015
Elected Life Member: 2017
Executive Officer: 2020-

BAKER MBE Arthur Walter

Detective Superintendent
President: 1973-1977
Elected Life Member: 1986
Died Wellington: 1988


Vice President: 2001-2005
President: 2015-2017
Elected Life Member: 2017

COOPER Leslie Earle

Secretary: 1973-1977
Wellington-based delegate for:
Hamilton/Rotorua/Palmerston North/Wanganui/Napier/Hastings: 1977-1991
Elected Life Member: 1991
Executive Officer from: 1995-2020


Chief Inspector
Delegate for Region One: 1987-1989
Vice Present Region One: 1989-2001
President: 2001-2005
Elected Life Member: 2005

GLYNN OBE James Francis

Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Secretary: 1970-1971
President: 1983-1985
Elected Life Member: 1987

REILLY John Denis Declan

Chairman Canterbury Branch
President: 1997-2001
Inaugural Trustee of the Guild Trust and served from: 1996-1998
Elected Life Member: 2001

GREEN Joseph Michael

Guild Secretary: 2000-2014
Guild Director on the Police Welfare Fund Board: 2000-2014
Elected Life Member: 2016

SEARLE James Netley

Trustee Police Managers’ Guild Trust: 1998-2016
Secretary Police Managers Guild Trust: 1998-2003
Chair Police Managers’ Guild Trust: 2011-2014
Delegate for Guild Region 1: 2007
Delegate for Counties Manukau District: 2014
Elected Life Member: 2016

HARMAN QPM John Reginald

Wellington-based Delegate for Dunedin/Invercargill: 1965
Treasurer: 1965-1981
Elected Life Member: 1986 – Died Wellington 1994

HARTLEY Brian John Stanley

Secretary: 1977-1985
Vice President: 1985-1989
President: 1989-1997
Elected Life Member: 1992

Died 2022

YOUNG MBE Sherwood Ivan

Chief Inspector
Wellington-based delegate for Christchurch/Timaru/Greymouth and Nelson: 1976-1983
Treasurer: 1981-1992
Elected Life Member: 1992

WILLIAMS Alastair Bruce

Treasurer: 2005 to 2019
Elected Life Member: 2019

Gary Davey

Vice President 200.. to 2021
Elected Life Member: 2022